How to repair a Jayco Lift System


Please Note; the jayco Camper Range all work on this system, it may vary from model to model & Year to Year, but it is basically the same for all of them. The best advice is to get in there and have a look, the chances are that it will happen while on the road, so please become fimilar with it. I hope you never need to work on it while traveling, but if you do, I hope this helps.

98 Eagle Lift System   Jayco Lift System

This happened to us late one evening at Landsborough QLD, on our way home from a trip to St George, Forgot to unhitch one clip, pulled the 19x19mm tubing clean out of the floor. Had to unpack the camper with the roof down, if anyone has done this, they will know it is not the most fun thing to do while on holiday.

When one corner doesn't lift or it drops sudenly,
It could either be one of a few things, a pulley wheel failing, cable breaking, an Eyebolt that has stretched open, or a nut that has come off the thread of the eyebolt, these are found under the seating at the front, you will need a Philips head screw driver and remove the seating to gain access. Once in there you will be able to see which cable is slack and be able to go from there to fix it. if it is a pulley wheel that has collapsed, but this isn't a common problem, you may have to go to the rear of the camper and remove panelling. See the links to the PDF files above to see where the cables run.
Until you get in to the wench area and have a look it's only guess work from here.
You can buy the eyebolts from a hardware store, also buy lock nuts because sometimes the nuts through vibration will work themselves loose. I have Tac welded the eyebolts closed and used lock nuts on all four eyebolts on the wench.
BE CAREFUL running your hands along the cable, it will rip you open if the cable is frade or broken strands. It may pay to get a meter or so of cable and a few cable clamps(the little one from a boat chandlery(spelling?) to keep just in case a cable does break down the track one day. I carry a few of these spare parts just in case.

Another handy tip is to get 4X 2x1 or for those that didn't growup with Feet & Inches, 42x19DAR Fingerjoint pine about( going from memory) 1095mm long. Use these as props once you get the roof back up. This way you can work on the winch system safley without the weight on the cables. Never work on the cables unless you have propped the roof. Tuck them under the bedends for when this kinda thing happens when on the road. Note; You'll have to measure the distance of yours. I hold them in place with Zip Ties against the upright box section, you only need the one zip tie per post even in the windiest setups. I also use the timber for takeing the weight of the roofwhen at home under the carport to help the camper air out. It can stay setup for months at a time.  I carry a can of Selley's Ezy Glide for spray on the telescopic poles as lubrication(Never use Grease or WD40, as it collects dust) Eziglide is also good for sticky zippers.

Note, If I have left something out or have given the wrong advice, please email me & I will rectify it. Thanks.

Some Pictures of the 2x1 Pine

camper props 1 camper props camper props 2

They say a picture is worth a thousand words,

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Here is a link to a very good article from Caravans Plus .

How do Camper Trailer windup-systems work?

Thanks to Peter m26, from the Exploroz forum who has written this explantion on how he replace the telescopic poles on his Jayco.

I recently had trouble with my jayco penguin lift cables and poles are couple of guys replied thanks fore the tips
I am pleased to report that i have found are way of replacing the two sliding poles without striping the interior of the van
You will need too remove the winch and cable covers then use are peice of wood to hold the roof up mine was 850mm  long place it close to the lift pole then lower the roof so it resting on the wood, then wind the winch down about half a turn so the cable going to pole you are working on is just lose then remove the cable from the plate down near the winch tack note of the adjustment you will need to reset it later
now remove the nut holding the top of the pole to the roof , slide it down in too the second pole then look at the lower pole in the body of the van you will see the guide bush there is are clip to push on the inner edge , push that in and use the second pole as a slide hammer to pop it out
To reassemable pull the lift cable and the spring pops up, place the 2 poles on the spring, Take note that the spring is in the top poles lower bush and bolt hole for the roof is in line, slide it in pulling the cable together thenrefit lower bush and top pole to roof cable to winch and adjust, check cable is on roller.
Its easy
Thanks peter.